If you’re selling your home this year … or simply wanting to amp-up your house’s value in the fastest, easiest way … it’s a total non-brainer: You must “Go Smart” by installing smart home devices. According to a survey conducted by T3 Sixty, a consulting firm for residential real estate, 40 percent of realtors say “smart homes” sell faster, regardless of price. Why? Because by installing smart home devices in your house, you make it more attractive and valuable by enhancing its style, safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. Here are smart home devices we particularly recommend …

Home Appliances

These appliances can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere with an internet connection, using a smartphone or other networked device. Smart home appliances are Gold Medal Winners in the Return-on-Investment game, too. In a recent study by Concept Community, 18.2 percent of people listed appliances as the smart home feature with the highest ROI.

Home Security

The study by T3 Sixty cited above found that 36.4 percent of homebuyers ask most often about smart home security. When you install smart home security devices such as cameras, lights, doorbells, and alarms, you benefit by knowing your home is as secure as possible, at all times. That not only increases your house’s value—it offers you priceless piece of mind!


One of the great benefits of a smart light switch is its ability to set your lights on a timer. Luckily for homeowners, smart switches are readily available at local hardware stores or stores such as Home Depot. Once the switches and timers are set up, you’ll enjoy greater efficiency and convenience when managing your home lighting.

Light Bulbs

Smart bulbs are generally one of the easiest smart-home upgrades—and the one easiest on your wallet. Because these LEDs can be up to 6 times more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting—and generally last for more than 25,000 hours—these smart devices are the smart choice!


Easy and affordable, smart plugs are among the most popular smart home devices. They allow homeowners to turn nearly any wired appliance with an on/off switch into an automated one that can be controlled by voice command or a simple tap on your phone.

Bathroom Fans

One of the fastest ways to modernize your bathroom is to add a smart bathroom fan. In addition to allowing you to automatically turn the fan on and off, and change its speed, some also can play your favorite music or even provide relaxing sound ambience. All with just a couple of taps on your smartphone or a call-out to your voice-assistant technology!


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