Okay, let’s fess up. Sometimes it’s tough to think of a really SPECIAL gift for Father’s Day, right? You’ve done tools … or golf clubs … or that “World’s Greatest Dad” T-shirt. And those are all great, but how can you take things to the next level of gift-giving?  Industry insiders—otherwise known as “dads around the world”—say “think ‘living spaces.’” Why? Because whether Dad is moving to a new home, building one, or just dreaming of an upgrade to his current house, living spaces—and gifts related to them—are truly the “gifts that keep on giving” for every dad. So this Father’s Day, think about gifts related to Dad’s favorite living spaces, including . . .

His Stellar Man Cave

Whether it’s in his basement, a bonus room, or another room set-off in his house, Dad’s man cave is likely his all-time favorite place to chill-ax, pop a cold one, and turn on the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, or Celtics. It’s his beautiful piece of heaven-on-earth where he can do whatever he darn well pleases. So why not go for a gift that will make Dad’s man-cave experience even more special? Maybe it’s a new recliner … a new beer fridge and/or bar … a spanking new high-tech TV … or a piece of New England sports memorabilia. You’ll be helping Dad take his man cave from awesome to uber-awesome, and he’ll love you (even MORE!) for it!

A Garage That’s More Than a Garage

If your dad is like many men, he probably has a “SLOW—ADULTS AT PLAY!” sign in his garage, and thoroughly enjoys his time out there with his tools and recreational gear. So think to yourself: “What can I give Dad to enhance that living space?” Whether it’s a cool new tool from the local hardware store, or new snowshoes, or new fishing tackle, or new shelves or cabinetry, you’ll be making Dad’s putter-around-the-garage time even more special.

 A Patio and/or Back Deck

Like a man cave except outdoors, a patio and/or back deck can be a wonderful place for Dad to unwind, pop his favorite adult beverage, fire up the grill (making sure to abide by fire codes!), and otherwise enjoy a blissful time. This living space also serves as a magical, memories-in-the-making area for the whole family to gather with Dad. So think about enhancing Dad’s patio and/or back deck with a new deck umbrella, weather-resistant chairs or chaise lounges, or even a cool fire pit for toasting marshmallows or whipping up s’mores.

Other Fresh-Air Amenities

Most Maine dads love the great outdoors, so buying or building a home that can take advantage of nearby outdoor natural spaces is a huge plus. Whether the house is near or adjacent to Maine’s many gorgeous biking, hiking, snowshoeing, or snowmobile trails, Dad will love knowing he can relax and stay active in the great outdoors any time the mood hits him.

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