Is it because Stephen King lives here? Or is it because we have so many old, stately New England houses that could—just COULD—be teeming with ghosts? Whatever the reason, Maine is the PERFECT place to celebrate Halloween. And a super-fun, affordable way to do that is by transforming your home into your own haunted house in Maine. You’ll love it—and so will all the trick-or-treaters! So how do you do it? Here’s how!

An Eye-Catching Entrance

Kick off that delicious spooky vibe with an entrance to your house that grabs attention! Decorate your front porch and/or front yard with jack-o’-lanterns, cardboard gravestones, and cornstalks or “witches brooms.” Then, add even spookier touches: Paint pumpkins a ghostly white and add various Halloween inflatables or cut-outs, such as spiders, skeletons, and witches.

Then turn your attention to your front door. Wrap it in light white paper or first-aid gauze, then add a pair of plastic eyes to turn it into a certifiably spooky mummy!

Welcoming Trick-or-Treaters Inside

As you welcome all those candy-seeking ghosts, goblins, Spider-Man, Barbies, and Taylor Swift into your home, greet them with eerie floating candles suspended from the ceiling. Complement those by creating peering eyes by cutting eye shapes into empty paper towel tubes and filling the tubes with glow sticks.

Spook-tacular Room-by-Room Tour

To further add to the fun, you can set up various rooms in your house as haunted attractions. Decorate doors and hallways with creepy plastic spiders and/or handkerchief ghosts, and then offer separate attractions in different rooms. Some distinctive themes for each room might include:

The Haunted Library … Go to a thrift store, Good Will, Dollar General, or Dollar Tree to stock up on inexpensive children’s books. Then, have a family member in a Halloween costume offer kids a book to take home.

The Spooky Carnival … Have one of your family members or friends dress up in a Halloween costume and staff a cardboard box ticket booth. Then give out tickets and prizes for chock-full-of-fun indoor games such as mini-bowling or bean bag toss!

Hair-Raising Tales … Another room can be used for spooky storytelling. Guide your Halloween audience into a room, and have a goblin tell a spooky 5- or 10-minute story. To make this even more fun and memorable, set up a fake campfire (you can find them easily online) and then have a costumed friend or family member pass out marshmallows, blankets, and flashlights to guests. Then share those scary stories!

Gifts for the Dearly Departed

As your wee Halloween visitors depart, treat them to little souvenirs to create one final, fun-filled impression. These might include Halloween stickers or fake tattoos, plastic spider rings, or Harry Potter-esque magic wands. Kids will love taking these things with them to complement the yummy candy!

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