If you’re planning to sell your house in October … you’re planning a great plan! <grin> Home buyers are typically less active in Maine from November through February, so October is “Prime Time” to sell your house and turbo-charge your bank account without having to wait until March. And October is “Prime Time” to sell your house for another reason, too. According to the latest report from Maine Listings, Maine homes-sales demand remains very strong, with prices up fully 7.34 percent over the latest 12-month reporting period, and the median sales price of a Maine home now an astonishing $380,000.

So what’s the fastest way to sell your house in Maine in October? Let’s take a couple of minutes to dive into this …

Hire the Right Agent

This is the all-important first step. Today, social media enables you to easily check into a real estate agent’s professional history and experience, so you can select an agent who has “been there, done that” regarding selling homes quickly, and who can do the same for you. The most crucial things to look for (or ask about directly) in a potential agent are: How long has the person been in the industry? How many sales has she or he closed? What’s his or her track record regarding specifically selling homes at this time of year? Also, key in on how and where they market their listings.

Get Your House Ship-Shape

Work with your agent to get your house in best-possible shape. Thoroughly clean, declutter, and de-personalize your house (removing family photos, etc.), and make strategic upgrades that will earn you a solid return on investment. Research shows that upgrades to the kitchen and bathrooms generally provide the highest ROI. This is an area where your agent can be of tremendous value to you. She or he will have in-depth knowledge of what buyers in your specific area expect.

Use Professional Photos

Fully 96 percent of home buyers look at home listings online, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. So it’s critical to maximize your home’s online appeal with attractive photographs. If you know a good photographer, schedule her or him soon. If you don’t, this is another area where your agent can help. In fact, some agents include professional photography in the array of services they offer.

Set the Right Asking Price

Although home prices in Maine have skyrocketed the past three years, it’s critical not to set the price of your house at an unrealistically high level; you don’t want it to languish on the market while others are getting swept up. So work with your agent to get the detail you need about recently sold properties—comparable to yours—in your specific area.

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When you wish to buy your dream home in Maine sell one … or build one … we’re always here to help. Contact us today!

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