It’s a HUGE question for everyone wishing to take advantage of sky-high home prices in Maine by selling their house: How do you create an open house that MAXIMIZES the odds of closing the sale? How do you avoid one that’s just “meh”? Try these proven-effective open house ideas to powerfully convert interested attendees into willing buyers!

Hire a Professional Photographer

Attractive, eye-catching photos should always be Step #1 as you work toward gaining sales-generating exposure. First-class photos of your house will help you powerfully promote it in social media posts, email invites, and online real estate forums. But before your professional photos are taken, be sure to …

Gussy-Up Your Home’s Exterior

First impressions and “curb appeal” are BIG parts of a successful open house. Put yourself in the shoes of the home buyer. When you pull up to the curb, don’t you want to see a house rocking a freshly mowed lawn … a power-washed driveway … gorgeous seasonal flowers on the front porch … a new doormat and mailbox, etc.?  

Promote-Promote-Promote on Social Media

Today’s social media places power-marketing at your fingertips. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., can spread the word about your open house to an astonishing number of people. Make sure your posts include who-what-where-when details, a few of your eye-catching house photos, and perhaps a “fascinating fact” about the house that will make seeing it even more enticing. Embedding something such as a drone video of the property can also work wonders.

Capture Contact Information with a Digital Tablet

As attendees arrive on the day of your open house, invite them to sign-in on a digital tablet placed near the entryway. As part of this sign-in, ask for each person’s name, email address, snail-mail address (if desired), and what part of the buying process they’re in. Then use this information to nurture relationships with attendees afterward by, for example, posting updates about the house or neighborhood, your asking price, etc.

Stage Rooms Virtually

By using a digital tablet to stage rooms virtually, you can help attendees see VARIOUS ways a room could look. So use your tablet to demonstrate various interior design styles. This strategy is becoming more and more popular, so be sure to ask your agent about it.

Host a Live Virtual Walk-Through

Even some highly motivated buyers may not be able to attend your open house in person. The solution? A live virtual walk-through the day of the event (or a different day). Once the open house begins, you or your agent can hop on a platform such as Facebook Live and present a walk-through of the home. Through the course of the virtual walk-through, be sure to engage with viewers and answer questions.

When you wish to buy your dream home in Maine sell one … or build one … we’re always here to help. Contact us today!

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