Here’s a simple but crucial question to ask yourself: How did the pandemic change you? In a recent article on the topic, Time magazine stated, “It encouraged us to think more deeply about who we are and what we’re looking for.” We changed jobs … changed where we live … and otherwise came to realize that living our dreams is something we can no longer afford to delay. For countless Americans, that meant selecting a home builder so you can—finally—live in your dream house.

If you’re one of those people, what’s the smartest way to find that great home builder in the Lewiston-Auburn area?

Trustworthy Experience

While you may get lucky with an upstart home builder, your smartest bet is to go with a home builder who offers years of experience. The more years a home builder has in the industry, the more knowledgeable they will be, and the more their service and high-quality expertise will be of value to you. So while choosing your home builder, always be sure to check the firm’s specific experience.

Positive Reviews & Reputation

One of the smartest, most confidence-building ways to select a great home builder is to see what other customers have said about them. Were the customers satisfied? Did they receive caring, thoughtful, expert service? Did they affirm that the builder got them into their dream home as quickly as possible … honored schedules and deadlines … worked efficiently … helped them through every step of the construction process? In this day and age, the internet allows you to see customer reviews and feedback that can save you time and trouble as you search for a great home builder.

Quality of Materials

As you go through your decision-making process, a key concept that should be passing through your mind is “quality-quality-quality.” As we’ve seen, this pertains to the home builder’s reputation and experience, and it also applies to the materials they use. Quality of materials directly impacts the quality of the experience you’ll enjoy in the home. So don’t be afraid to ask assertively about the materials that will be used. And consider verifying the quality of materials by visiting one of the home builder’s ongoing worksites (something we are always happy to help you with).

Final Thoughts

Over the past three years, countless Americans have understood that the time to begin living your dream is NOW. That’s precisely why Maine is now “one of the most popular states to move to” … why so many Mainers have left their jobs for a better one … why so many have started their own business … and why so many have otherwise refused to delay their dreams any longer. If building your dream home in Maine is something you want NOW rather than “someday,” we hope the advice we’ve offered here speeds you toward your dream.


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