Like many homeowners, or soon-to-be-homeowners – you’ve probably done your homework and come across the terms “energy-efficiency rebates”, and “air seal” a time or two… or three. But have you focused on some of the specifics of each – and the BIG BENEFITS they can bring you and your wallet? Let’s take a minute to do just that!

Air Seal Your Home for Greater Coziness

By reducing the amount of air leaking in and out of your home, you can; a) dramatically enhance the comfort and coziness of your home; and b) realize attractive cost-savings while enjoying that enhanced comfort. While some basic strategies such as caulking and weather stripping can be do-it-yourself projects, more “high-end” air sealing projects are best left to trained professionals. These professionals will help you reduce uncomfortable drafts in your home by eliminating air leaks around your chimney, your plumbing, and light fixtures. They will do this using a variety of materials, including caulk, spray foam, metal flashing, weather stripping, and rigid foam, determining which air sealing materials are best suited for specific locations and trouble spots. For example, high-temperature air sealing situations such as those around your chimney should only be handled by fire-rated caulk and metal flashing.

Your Wallet Will Thank You!

By making use of professional air seal services, you’ll be better insulating your home for the cold Maine winter to come. But you’ll also be looking ahead. The fact is—as we’ve clearly seen in 2020 – Maine summers are getting noticeably hotter, and air sealing will keep you and your family more comfortable during this time of year, too.

While you enjoy heightened year-round comfort, you’ll be saving big money long-term. In fact, a large percentage of Maine homeowners realize such great savings on their heating and cooling costs in this way that they recoup their entire investment in just 3 years. Then CONTINUE to save each and every year after that!

Getting Your Energy-Efficiency Assessment & Rebates

So what’s your first step?

The best way to start on the pathway of greater energy efficiency–and earn your rebates–is to contact a Residential Registered Vendor. Your professional vendor will start with an energy assessment of your home, so you can clarify how to prioritize your air sealing needs. As part of this process, your vendor will use various pieces of diagnostic equipment to assess how “leaky” your home is, locate the specific places where leaks are occurring, and recommend ways for you to enhance your home’s comfort and efficiency via air sealing.

For more information on resources and energy-efficiency rebates available, please visit the website of Efficiency Maine here. Or call them toll-free at 866-376-2463. And whenever you have questions regarding energy-efficient homes (which we build) or energy-efficiency homeowner options in general – we invite you to contact us.

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