Is there anything like Halloween to turn your mind toward haunted houses, goblins, and All Things Spooky? Here in the Lewiston-Auburn area, folks have spun great tales about local ghosts, haunted houses, and haunted inns for decades. Here are 4 of the most intriguing ones in or near Lewiston-Auburn!

The Haunted Hitchhiker of Route 26

Like the famous Twilight Zone episode in which a young woman driver keeps seeing a ghost hitchhiker, this legend from nearby Poland, Maine, has spooked young and old alike for decades. Seen periodically for more than 90 years on Route 26, this ghost is an ethereal young lady in a prom or wedding dress. Legend has it she was killed in a 1930s car accident. You can read purported first-hand accounts of people seeing her—and even picking her up!—here.

The Poland Spring Resort

Maine’s inns and resorts seem—for whatever reason—to be particularly popular places for your average ghost to hang out. It has been whispered for decades that the spectral original owner of the Poland Spring Resort still walks the grounds. And folks have taken “innocent” photos of the resort—only to spot a mysterious Lady in White in the photo! 

Maybe she’s the Haunted Hitchhiker of Route 26, stopping in for a good meal or a round of golf? LOL!

Lewiston Public Library

Although skeptics scoff, there have been so many ghostly experiences at Lewiston Public Library that it’s hard to dismiss the stories as mere “literary fiction.” According to first-hand accounts from library staff, numerous patrons have told them about eerie things they have seen, heard, or felt over the years. In 2016, one patron told an employee he had seen a “shadowy figure” move through the shelves of the adult nonfiction section—only to vanish into thin air! And many patrons report “feeling a presence” in the mystery section. Well, that figures!

Home of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Uncle

Located 35 minutes south of Auburn, the Richard Manning House in South Casco—the 19th century home of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s uncle, located just up the street from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Boyhood Home—has been reputed to be haunted ever since Manning gave up the ghost (so to speak) in 1830.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Manning House is rumored to be haunted by Mr. Manning himself—who delights in appearing in an upstairs window, and devilishly throwing butter dishes and plates off counters!

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