You’re probably heard it a million times: “Downsize before retirement!” It’s no secret why that advice is so popular. Downsizing before retirement DOES bring MAJOR benefits—less financial stress, less home-cleaning and upkeep, and perhaps a better home layout, such as no stairs to contend with.

But “downsize before retirement” can be easier said than done—both from a practical and EMOTIONAL standpoint. Here are 5 steps to make it easier:  

Step 1:  Get Clear on the Practical & Emotional Benefits

Before you downsize, it’s critical to reflect on WHY you are moving, and to get in a positive mindset about it. Viewing downsizing as your ticket to a fresh new lifestyle—one that’s less expensive and more worry-free—can be extremely liberating. So start focusing on the “sweet relief” you’ll soon experience every day by not having a larger home and yard to contend with!

Step 2:  Think “One Gentle Step at a Time”

The practical steps of downsizing before retirement – the actual sifting through possessions, the purging, the sorting and packing – shouldn’t be rushed. Take your time and break down your downsizing agenda into small “bite-size” pieces. Organize your items into 5 distinct categories: (1.) Things to keep; (2.) Things to sell; (3.) Things to give to family members; (4.) Things to donate; and (5.) Things to throw away.

Step 3:  Don’t Forget the Memories

Downsizing can be a bit emotional. Many of our possessions bring us wonderful memories of family members, favorite pets, friends, etc. So strive to strike the right balance as you go through your possessions. If you really can’t bear to get rid of a few cherished items, hold onto them and continue to enjoy them.

Step 4:  Allow Yourself to Feel What You Feel

You may be surprised to discover the rich blend of emotions you go through as you move toward downsizing. You may even feel guilty that downsizing brings you such incredible relief! Just tell yourself that all your emotions are perfectly normal and valid.

Step 5:  Celebrate Along the Way

As you slowly-but-surely downsize before retirement, keep reflecting on all the positive financial and emotional benefits you’ll be reaping by moving into a more perfect-sized home. Be good to yourself, celebrate the process, and offer yourself little rewards along the way. Take some of the money you’ve earned by selling items and buy yourself something special, or donate to a favorite charity or political candidate. This will make your downsizing experience even more memorable and valuable!

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