Turner, Maine is home to some of Vacationland’s most glorious outdoor recreational spots—AND to one of the happiest customers of Maine Source Homes & Realty! His name is Jeremy Nadeau, and Jeremy is a true believer in Maine Source Homes & Realty. He has bought and sold homes and other properties through them for years.

House-Buying the RIGHT Way

“I knew Jon Mercier of Maine Source Homes & Realty from high school,” Jeremy says. “And I knew Jon had gone into real estate. So when my wife and I were looking to buy a nice house, we immediately contacted Jon. I told him we were looking for a house in the Turner/Minot/Leeds area, and Maine Source Homes got right on it.”

Asked how that experience went, Jeremy replies, “Oh, very positively. The thing I instantly liked about Jon and Maine Source Homes & Realty was how excellent they were at communicating with us – at keeping in touch and being extremely responsive.”

But there was something Jeremy valued even more.

“What I particularly appreciated was the WAY Jon helped us look for a house. He wasn’t just going through the motions; he was ADVOCATING for us. In fact, there were times Jon actually told us not to buy a house, because he didn’t feel it fit our specific needs. So the home he eventually found for us in Turner was perfect, thanks to the way Jon went about helping us.”

A Positive Selling Experience

A few years later, Jeremy acquired three apartment buildings. When the time came to sell them, he knew exactly who to call.

“Because of my prior experience with Maine Source Homes, it was a no-brainer regarding who I’d call to sell those apartment buildings,” Jeremy says. “Once again,” he says, “we had a very good experience.” In fact, he says, he and his wife soon plan to sell their long-time home in Turner, and he will once again use Maine Source Homes & Realty when they do.

“A Very Strong Track Record”

“The bottom line for me,” Jeremy says, “is I trust Jon Mercier and Maine Source Homes & Realty so greatly. When I work with them, I don’t have to educate myself concerning various details concerning real estate; they’re already on top of them. I know Maine Source Homes has a very strong track record, which includes being honest and trustworthy. It’s very comforting to have that in a realty company when you’re in the process of buying, selling, or building a home.”

We invite you to hear what other happy customers say about Maine Source Homes & Realty. And when you’re seeking to buy, sell, or build a home in the Lewiston-Auburn area, we invite you to contact us.

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