It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Last year, as Maine Source Homes & Realty’s 50th year in business anniversary approached, we asked ourselves: “What’s the very best way to celebrate this?” To us, the answer was clear: We would celebrate by launching a year-long “Helping Our Neighbors” Campaign that would help local nonprofits address critical issues in our local community. The latest “Helping Our Neighbors” beneficiary is Safe Voices, the incredible local organization working day and night to end domestic violence.

Reeling from the Impact on Our Households

To offer you details about Safe Voices and why we so passionately support their work, we spoke to Emily Mitchell, Development Operations Coordinator for Safe Voices. We began by asking Emily why it is so crucial for Safe Voices to offer domestic-violence-related services and support at this particular time.

“Call volumes to our Domestic Abuse & Sex Trafficking Helpline (1-800-559-2927) have literally never been higher,” she responded. “And they continue to climb every single quarter. Our communities are still reeling from the impact of COVID-19 on our households. Families and children who have been stuck at home with their abusers for two years need access to our resources of shelter, support groups, and courthouse assistance.”

She says the recent reduction of COVID restrictions have shifted Safe Voices to a new, all-important phase.

“Since restrictions have been loosened,” she says, “Safe Voices has been in our community libraries, schools, and hospitals educating people on domestic abuse and sex trafficking, and encouraging survivors to connect with us for safety planning and next steps. It is especially important to offer these services now because the longer abusers are in control, the more dangerous these situations become.”

Asked if there was an under-publicized aspect of domestic abuse or violence she’d like to shed more light on, Emily responded: “Domestic abuse and violence is not limited to physical harm. Domestic abuse is the combination of power and control used by an abuser to emotionally, financially, physically, or sexually suppress you. Name calling, threatening, intimidation, and manipulation—these are all domestic abuse.”   

A Maine Source Team Member Steps Up

When Maine Source Homes & Realty was deciding which nonprofit to select as our latest “Helping Our Neighbors” Campaign beneficiary, one of our staff members, Associate Broker/Realtor® Brandon Caruso, suggested Safe Voices and volunteered to lead the coordination effort. For Brandon, it was an easy and very close-to-home decision.

“I own a property management company and have worked with Safe Voices over the past couple years to help find safe housing in some of my apartments for their clients seeking shelter,” he says. “The program has always been great to work with and reliable, so I wanted to be a safe and reliable choice for them as well.”       

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Safe Voices’ Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

For more information and/or to donate
to Safe Voices, please visit:

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