There’s just no doubt about it: retirement is a big deal. And a pretty GREAT one—but only if you engage in careful planning and reflection first. One of the most crucial questions you should ask yourself is: “Is my house retirement ready?” This is true no matter if you plan to live in your house throughout your retirement or hope to sell it to someone looking for a nice, retirement-ready home. Here are 4 important steps to make sure your house is “retirement ready”:

Address Your House’s Energy Needs

Some of the most critical aspects of your house are those connected to heating, cooling, and overall energy needs. So ask yourself: What energy-related elements do I need to address – to keep down long-term costs AND make sure my house’s energy elements will operate reliably? This should include taking stock of water heaters, older windows, and even your roof. Take care of those NOW, and you’ll save yourself headaches AND money down the road, especially if you take advantage of Maine’s energy-efficiency rebates for homeowners. Also … consider getting a backup power generator. It can be a godsend during a severe storm, when others may be experiencing power outages.

Shore Up The Entrances To Your House

Ask yourself: Are the entrances to my home safe, inviting, and accessible? Are there any obstacles or impediments that might lead to slips or falls? Is there a need to replace difficult-to-navigate steps with easier ones, or with a ramp?

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

As we get older, the bathing process can be more difficult. Consider a no-step shower (also called a curbless or barrier-free shower), and/or a sit-in shower to make showering less potentially hazardous. Also think about floors—not only in bathrooms, but throughout your house. Are they safe, or could they lead to dangerous falls? Carpeting or various safe-floor coverings can effectively address this potential hazard.

Include Physical Fitness in House Fitness

Although there are many outdoor exercise opportunities and great local gyms in the Lewiston-Auburn area, the pandemic has shown the great benefit of having fitness outlets in your own home, as well. Having a treadmill, a stationary bike, and/or an area for yoga can make it easier for you to get beneficial exercise—and that’s doubly true during the winter.

No matter whether you will be downsizing … staying in your current house … or looking for a new house that is retirement ready … we can help make your retirement more joyful and comfortable. Contact us today to learn about retirement ready houses at Brookdale Village, new construction opportunities, and house buying or selling options to meet your retirement needs.

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