Coretta Scott King put it perfectly: “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Here at Maine Source Homes & Realty, we emphatically agree. That’s why, throughout 2022, we conducted our “Helping Our Neighbors Campaign,” not only to celebrate our 50th year in business, but to celebrate and support the great heroes in our community—the nonprofits—who work tirelessly every day to make our beloved Lewiston-Auburn stronger and more compassionate.

Following is a list of nonprofits we supported financially last year through “Helping Our Neighbors Campaign,” along with the Maine Source Homes & Realty agents who worked as liaisons to each of the nonprofits:

Androscoggin Land Trust

Jon Mercier

The ALT’s mission is to cherish, preserve, and conserve the Lewiston-Auburn-area’s part of the beautiful natural world, particularly the Androscoggin River. During the past few years, the local community has made stunning progress in reclaiming one of Maine’s great rivers and its surrounding grounds.


ACADIA Academy (Charter School)

Mark Turner

An acronym for A Charter Academy for Developing Independence and Achievement, ACADIA targets the development of the whole child through a strong social/emotional learning component, as well as by offering highly differentiated academic instruction for all students.


Kaydenz Kitchen
& Good Shepherd Food Bank

The Toni Ferraro Team

Each of these two amazing organizations helps battle food-insecurity among children, seniors, and other adults in Maine. Founded by then-13-year-old Kayden Boilard, Kaydenz Kitchen is a family-run food pantry that assists families in the Lewiston community who experience food insecurities and have difficulties feeding their families.

Good Shepherd Food Bank, in partnership with nearly 600 community organizations across Maine, distributes more than 31 million healthy, nutritious meals each year to those experiencing food-insecurity throughout the state.


Midcoast Humane  

Mason & Linda Dupuis

Over the past 62 years Midcoast Humane has become one of Maine’s largest animal shelters. Providing loving care and second chances to nearly 3,500 animals every year, they also assist hundreds more in a variety of life-enhancing ways. Their second-hand thrift store, Creature Comforts, is now open in scenic Boothbay Harbor.


Safe Voices

Brandon Caruso & Dustin Mallar

Safe Voices is working passionately to end domestic violence in our communities. They offer a wide variety of services to individuals and families affected by the scourge of domestic violence and abuse in Maine, including  shelter, support groups, courthouse assistance, and a Domestic Abuse & Sex Trafficking Helpline (1-800-559-2927).


For more information about any of these Lewiston-Auburn-area nonprofits—
or to make a donation—please click on the name of the organization above.

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