Ahhh … there is NOTHING as cozy and peaceful as chilling around your backyard fire pit! And doing so is a true Maine homeowner’s experience—your family’s wonderful opportunity to enjoy the great Maine outdoors as you barbeque, toast marshmallows, enjoy jokes and stories, and otherwise enjoy the crisp outdoor air and warm casting of light. Now—just in time for Father’s Day—here are 7 awesome fire pit options to help you create warm Maine-homeowner memories!

Brick Fire Pit Design

Simple and straightforward, this fire pit option generally requires only about $300 or less in materials. After just a day or two of laying the bricks, you’ll have turned your fire pit into the perfect place to gather around on spring, summer, and autumn evenings. (Please see below for additional construction help for this and other fire pits.)

Flagstone Fire Ring

For this fire pit option, you use flagstones for the design, perhaps pairing it with any retaining wall features you might have in your yard. Flagstones are more expensive than bricks, so this option is more costly than the brick design. But it results in a larger, easier-to-build fire pit.

Wooden Fire Pit

This is a particularly cool option, because it makes it look like your fire pit is an out-of-doors fireplace. But you may be wondering: Isn’t this type of fire pit a fire hazard? No worries! It’s actually lined with a sheet metal bucket to prevent it from catching fire.

Washer Tub Fire Pit

Now HERE’S a creative idea! Take your old washer—yup, that one that handled years of dirty laundry—and repurpose it by turning the tub into a fire pit! Remember to add high-heat paint.

Fire Pit and Patio Table

This project requires welding and some experience with propane heating. Make your fire pit do double duty with a patio table fire pit.

Grocery Cart Fire Pit

We’ve saved the most creative and affordable idea for last! Bring your fire with you with a portable grocery cart fire pit. Add a spark screen and a base to catch the embers.  Keep a stockpile of wood underneath, and you’ll be in business for less than $100!


For further information on how to construct your fire pit, please Google
the specific type of fire pit and/or visit here.

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