The statistics are jaw-dropping. In a recent in-depth survey of hundreds of small-business owners in Maine, we see a clear picture of the severe economic disruption and recovery challenge posed by the COVID pandemic. Approximately 55 percent of small businesses in Maine have had to temporarily close during COVID. Approximately 45 percent of respondents and 57 percent of sole proprietors had to forego their own salary in order to keep their business afloat. As local business owners in Lewiston-Auburn continue to bravely battle back from the pandemic shockwave, we encourage you to support their local businesses by making “Shop Local for Perfect Christmas Gifts” your #1 go-to strategy.  Here are a few gift ideas, and the local stores where you’ll find these great Christmas gifts …

Paul’s Clothing and Shoe Store

A fixture in Lewiston-Auburn for 35 years, this is your go-to shop for clothing, work boots, and other footwear. A big hit with local shoppers, Paul’s recently garnered the following stellar customer review online: “The owner was very professional and knowledgeable. You don’t find great service like this in other stores … a great place to support a wonderful local business.” 281 Lisbon Street, Lewiston.

Quiet City Books: Art, Gifts, and Heart

Looking for that perfect book or piece of artwork?  Add Quiet City Books to your “shop local” list! You’ll find here everything from children’s classics like Robert McCloskey’s Blueberries for Sal to today’s top-selling fiction and nonfiction. And don’t forget gift cards for those book-lovers in your family!  97 Lisbon Street.

EllieAnna Gift Shop

One of Lewiston-Auburn’s most appealing shopping experiences for women, EllieAnna Gift Shop dishes up an extensive inventory that includes apparel & tops, buttery soft leggings, handmade purses & accessories, handmade jewelry, soaps, lotions, candles, and home décor. You’ll even find very special wedding and baby gifts! 785 Main Street, Lewiston.

Holiday Bargain Outlet

Featuring “A Little Bit of Everything at Unbelievable Prices,” Holiday Bargain Basement can be your fun, cost-saving destination for everything from children’s toys to premium coffee to Calvin Klein comforters and pillows and much more!   808 Main Street, Lewiston.

Kaydenz Resale Closet
(Consignment Store)

We mentioned this remarkable store in another recent blog, but it bears repeating. This well-stocked consignment/thrift store is the brainchild of Kayden Boilard—who is all of 13 years old! Fully 100 percent of its profits are donated to Kaydenz Kitchen Food Pantry.  So your Christmas gift purchase not only helps you and your gift recipient, but also local people battling food-insecurity. 155 Lisbon Street, Lewiston.

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