“Helping Our Neighbors.” It’s the kind, compassionate thing to do. And it’s also one of Maine Source Homes & Realty’s core values. That’s why we’ve given the name “Helping Our Neighbors” to the year-long charitable campaign we’re currently engaged in. As recently reported in the Lewiston Sun Journal, we are celebrating 50 years of business by giving back to our beloved community—all year long—by raising funds for 6 highly deserving local nonprofits. Our latest beneficiary is Midcoast Humane animal shelter.Why do we feel it’s so important to support the remarkable work of Midcoast Humane?  To answer that question, we turned to one of our broker/realtors, Linda Dupuis, who serves as the liaison between Maine Source Homes and Midcoast Humane.

Loving Care—and a Second Chance

“Over the years, my family has adopted several animals, and we always look first to the animal shelters,” says Linda. “I just really like the way the shelters provide a temporary home for the cats and dogs, and also attend to any medical needs they may have. That’s a huge reason why Midcoast Humane came to mind as a ‘Helping Our Neighbors’ Campaign beneficiary.” 

Thanks to its hard work and passion for serving our animal friends, Midcoast Humane has, over the past 62 years, become one of Maine’s largest shelters. They provide loving care and second chances to nearly 3,500 animals every year, and assist hundreds more in a variety of life-enhancing ways. Holding municipal contracts with 39 towns along Maine’s Midcoast, they now also run a second-hand thrift store, Creature Comforts, in scenic Boothbay Harbor.

Every animal that passes through Midcoast Humane’s door receives excellent medical care, spaying/neutering surgeries, vaccines, and overall loving care and comfort while they’re at the facility. That level of care—backed by Midcoast Humane’s passionate belief that every life is precious and worth saving—has resulted in an outstanding 97 percent Live Release Rate.

Executive Director Thanks Maine Source Homes

Asked what Maine Source Homes’ support means to their mission, Jess Townsend, Executive Director of Midcoast Humane, said: “The support of our community is vital and necessary for our work, and partnering with local businesses like Maine Source helps increase our reach and raise our visibility. The more the community knows about what we do and the more they are invested in our success, the more we can expand our life-saving work. We are thankful to Maine Source for not only helping us raise awareness of our cause, but also for their financial support.”

How You Can Support Midcoast Humane
and Its New Capital Campaign

While Midcoast Humane works steadfastly to continue their mission, they are finding themselves limited by their current facilities.  They have reached a point where their infrastructure is limiting their mission. For that reason, they have launched a New Capital Campaign to fund the purchase of a new, modern, sustainable building that will enable them to do their lifesaving work for animals for years to come.

Can you support Midcoast Humane in this effort, as Maine Source Homes is doing?

If so, please consider one of the 4 donation options you’ll find here


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