Think of it as Step 2 in your 2-step plan. Your first step was to follow your passion by buying your dream home in Maine. Now, for Step 2, you can tap into your homeowner’s passion and repurpose pre-loved furniture as a way of truly making the furniture—and your home—your own. Here’s a quick guide for making it happen!

Starting Out

Here in the Lewiston-Auburn area, your “Repurpose Pre-Loved Furniture Journey“ can start by visiting one or both of our favorite places to find great pre-loved furniture—Orphan Annie’s Antiques and/or Auburn Goodwill. When you do, you’ll see firsthand the great variety of pre-loved items that come through their doors. You never know what item may catch your eye!

A New Table, Anyone?

One of the many amazing things about shopping with the goal of repurposing pre-loved furniture is that, if you’re looking for a table, your options are pretty incredible. Everything from trunks to chests to crates are there for your creative statement, while also offering great functionality as a spot on which to put down your things. Or how about turning large bureaus or dressers into a chic new island for your kitchen? Your options go on and on!

Mismatched Items Add Personality

Although a super-streamlined home interior can look great, why not go for a bit more personality? As you’re shopping for preloved furniture, you’re likely to find varied, diverse items that can be fun to bring into the same interior space. With a dash of paint and/or some other touch-ups, those mismatched items can add a splash of personality you might not find elsewhere.

Dial-Up Your Creativity

Shopping for pre-loved furniture can be a huge spur to creativity—to thinking outside the box. As a couple of examples: Could that old baby’s crib be transformed into a bookshelf with a bit of glue and some screws? Could a set of chairs be transformed into a distinctive bench for your porch? Could that cool old door become a hip new coffee table?

Makeovers Make Sense

Part of dialing-up your creativity is to “look past” the way a given piece of furniture may look today. Don’t settle for how things look now; achieve a vision for how they COULD look. By sanding, smoothing, varnishing, or painting, you can change just about any texture or color. And by meditating on questions such as, “What other use can I put this piece of pre-loved furniture to?” and “How can I make this piece of pre-loved furniture look and/or feel even nicer?” you can enjoy unexpected success as you refurbish pre-loved furniture.   

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