The statistics tell a troubling, heartbreaking story:

  • Maine ranks 1st in New England in childhood food-insecurity;
  • 20 percent of Maine children—fully 50,000 of our children—are now food-insecure;
  • Nearly 1 in 7 Mainers of all ages is food-insecure.

Due to economic disruption and a raging inflation brought on by a global pandemic, supply- chain woes, a horrific war in Europe, and other factors, many moms and dads in Maine are forced to ask, “How can we afford groceries after paying skyrocketing gas prices, higher rents, and higher costs of just about everything else?”

“Helping Our Neighbors Campaign” Steps Up

Earlier this year—to celebrate our 50th year of business and to express our gratitude to our incredible community by powerfully giving back to it—Maine Source Homes & Realty launched our “Helping Our Neighbors Campaign.” Through this program, we are financially supporting highly deserving local nonprofits throughout 2022.  To help battle food-insecurity throughout Maine, our May-June beneficiaries are Kaydenz Kitchen food pantry of Lewiston and Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine.

Our campaign for these beneficiaries was twofold: It included a Team Volunteer Day at Good Shepherd Food Bank Distribution Center in Auburn on July 13, and also a sustained effort to collect nonperishable food for donation to Kaydenz Kitchen.

What Led to This Selection

To more fully explain why Maine Source Homes & Realty so strongly supports Kaydenz Kitchen and Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine, we asked Regina Ritchie, our Office Manager/ Realtor® why her in-house “Helping Our Neighbors” team made this selection.

“Everyone has a time in which they struggle,” Regina says. “Having to worry about where your next meal is coming from should not be one of those challenges. No one is exempt from falling on hard times, so we feel strongly that if we can help our community in their time of need, we are not only doing our civic duty, but we are receiving the best gift of all—knowing we are making a difference.”  

The Two Beneficiaries Thank Maine Source Homes

When Kevin Boilard, president of Kaydenz Kitchen, learned of Maine Source Home’s “Helping Our Neighbors” support for his food pantry, he reacted with typical grace and kindness:

“Having an opportunity to partner with a reputable local organization—to help support our cause and raise awareness about the growing needs—is vital to our day-to-day operations and long term sustainability in the community,” Kevin said. “With the amazing support of Maine Source Homes, our community resource center will be able to provide on-going resources to hundreds of individuals in the community.”

Kristen Miale, President of Good Shepherd Food Bank, was equally warm and appreciative:

“In partnership with nearly 600 community organizations, the Food Bank has grown its distribution from 10 million meals in 2010 to 31.6 million meals during the fiscal year 2021,” Kristin said. “Maine Source Homes & Realty’s generous donation enables the Food Bank to provide increased access to the healthy and nutritious foods our neighbors need to thrive.”

A Final Word from Regina

Asked for a final thought, Regina Ritchie adds, “At Maine Source Homes & Realty, we believe our ‘Helping Our Neighbors Campaign’ is a wonderful way for people to connect and support one another. Through our blogs, press releases, social media posts, and other means, we hope others will become aware of Kaydenz Kitchen food pantry and Good Shepherd Food Bank—if they are not already—and they too will see the value in making a donation.”

For More Information and/or To Donate
to Kaydenz Kitchen food pantry,
please visit:


For More Information and/or To Donate
to Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine,
please visit:


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